The Business Owner Wealth Blueprint

You’ve worked hard to build your business to this level of success. By identifying and implementing proper financial plans in each of the areas below, you’ll ensure the maximum benefit for you, your family, and your business; no matter what the future may bring.


Getting the most out of your business, today and in the future is what the Business Owner Wealth Blueprint is all about. It is a complete business and estate planning service that deals with three key areas of special concern to business owners.

1) Estate planning.  It takes years to build up a successful business and personal net worth. Estate planning will help preserve this wealth and provide the necessary liquidity to satisfy taxes and other debts arising at death. You’ll also ensure your family’s security and direct the distribution of your estate.

2) Retirement planning.  Most business owners today recognize the problem of relying solely on their business to support their retirement objectives. Planning now will ensure your financial security at retirement without dependence on the business.

3) Business Continuation. The death of an owner or a key employee can have a serious impact on the business to continue successfully. Protection for business loans and key personnel as well as plans for an effective transfer of ownership can help eliminate this concern.




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